Trust thyself: every heart vibrates to that iron stain
— Emerson
‘Words belong to each other,’ Virginia Woolf asserted in the only surviving recording of her voice. But words also belong to us, as much as we belong to them — and out of that mutual belonging arises our most fundamental understanding of the world, as well as the inescapable misunderstandings that bedevil the grand sensemaking experiment we call life.

I ♡ open windows, green figs, feathers, the sea, deep sleep, Kas, fishing with my father, smell of jasmine, oregano, olive trees, migratory birds, seagulls, rosemary, smell of my German short-haired pointer, goats of the Lycian, honey suckle, bees, pepper paste, books, paper clips, the Haw river, blue grass, the Appalachia, my birdy, humility & genuineness.